Product Spotlight: Expandable Interbody Spinal Implants

One of the most innovative and complex products Carolina Precision Technologies (CPT) manufactures is expandable interbody spinal implants (posterior/anterior/direct lateral) for lumbar interbody spine procedures. These uniquely designed and engineered implants provide the surgeon clinical versatility and procedural benefits. Expandable interbody “cages” can be inserted via a smaller incision and better positioned in the disk space for optimal restoration of anatomical “balance” of the spine. Other benefits for the surgeon are reduction of impaction forces on the end plates, as well as gentle expansion to best ensure “implant to endplate” contact. The advantage to the manufacturer is fewer implants needed for “case coverage” which saves on inventory costs and control. 

CPT is patient-centered and has proven that our team of skilled engineers and machinists can deliver the expertise to develop, mill, assemble and deliver complex spinal and orthopedic implants and instruments that help people to bend, run and achieve full range of motion – giving them the ability to live life to the fullest.