Working at CPT

Meet Brian who has been with Carolina Precision Technologies (CPT) for four years. He finds the most interesting part of his job to be machining and producing instruments and implants for the medical field and enjoys seeing the final assembly of each product.

“CPT is a great place to consider for employment and the benefits have been generous compared to other companies I’ve worked for,” said Brian. “There is no micromanaging if you’re self-motivated and the company provides anything necessary to do the job right. They offer a very clean machining facility with plenty of work, with a very team-oriented crew of machinists and plenty of maintained, capable machines to get our work done.”

He also views CPT’s CEO to be very transparent in his effort to expand our customer base, grow the company and frequently visits each facility. “The fact that we are seeing new customers and work seems to prove that point”, Brian stated.

When people ask him about his job, he finds they are generally very interested in the kind of work CPT does and are “impressed with how the ortho and spine implants and instruments they manufacture help people recover from ailments or injuries.”