Equipment Spotlight: Eurotech Turn/Mill Centers & the Matsuura MX-330

CPT continues to make significant investments in leading-edge equipment to create expanded capacities for our growing orthopedics instrumentation, spinal implant and aerospace customers. Our Eurotech Turn/Mill centers produce multi-axis parts in one operation to ensure features are geometrically controlled to each other and compliant with tight tolerance specifications. This reduction of multiple operations with multiple queue times allows us to increase product flow while reducing lead times.

Not to be outdone, the Matsuura MX-330 fulfills “lights out” capabilities to manufacture your precision parts. We can achieve automated part positions in complex, 5-axis tool presentations, broken tool detection, and pallet changes with multiple parts continuously and virtually unmanned. This frees up our highly skilled machinists to better utilize their time on multiple projects at once – drastically increasing efficiencies in the workplace. CPT also uses state-of-the-art LaserStar laser welding machines to provide stable assembly of instrumentation with controlled processes and repeatable results.

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